Learning to trade the Markets outside of a financial institution is overwhelmingly tough for new entrants. Many fall victim to the noise, inefficiencies & poor quality deliverables that do not prepare them to compete with typically well trained & drilled professionals. EQsIQ solves this problem through premium & comprehensive solutions that aid strictly professional levels of competence.


As  Institutional Professionals or groups with looming exams or skills to improve, we realise time is limited & failure “isn’t an option”. Turn up the brightness, shrink time, get a fresh clear perspective of subjects with less hard text using EQsIQ’s comprehensive video blackboard summaries that feel like 1-on-1 tutoring, with Test Banks & answers which cultivate mission critical proficiency.


Face to face with an execution platform isn’t often where advantages are gained. Analysis & Trading is a performance, as such, success must check-in regularly with self-monitoring & practice. EQsIQ weaves Psychology, Risk Analysis, Checklists, operational methodologies & Set-ups together to form a uniquely relevant on-going “must-have” utility as your Behavioural  Plan Platform.

Your Challenges

You, are the most important component in your trading operation, not your Broker, not strategies or even charts.

If you’re unsure of where your true advantages lie in trading, how can you be certain that the path you’re on is genuinely right for you? Reflect on why you chose your current route. Was it a conscious choice aligned with your unique strengths and your personality and history included?, or a path embarked upon amidst uncertainty and random choices made from others about notions of how do do things you heard online?

Before you immerse yourself in the myriad of trading strategies discussed as if theyre gold, it’s crucial to first introspect and ask, if theyre so popular, why isnt everybody making money from them? We all possess unique strengths and limitations. Recognising and harnessing these can fundamentally shape a trading approach that amplifies your strengths and mitigates your weaknesses, its also why even proven strategies and tactics given to others simply dont translate well for profitable trading, because those strategies havnt come from you.

Consider this: Shouldn’t every strategy you employ be meticulously crafted to exploit even your subtlest advantages in Trading & Investing? Isn’t it more logical to pursue a path that starts with what’s intrinsically right for you? We at EQsIQ firmly believe so, and research into what traits and activities produce exceptional trading results supports this view also.

Furthermore, if you’re struggling to achieve profitability, isn’t it essential to have a process for early assessment in your trading journey? A process that allows you to swiftly identify and enhance what works and rectify what doesn’t. Ponder over this: Why follow strategies from others that might not suit your optimum timeframe, personality, or lifestyle, especially given your unique circumstances? Have these decisions been hastily made due to a pressing need to ‘act’ rather than a strategic choice? How long have you journeyed down this path without stepping back to fully comprehend your personal strengths and how they shape your trading? 

Where else have you encountered an educational platform that places YOU at the epicentre of its universe? At EQsIQ, resolving this dilemma is our priority. We focus on illuminating your unique personal trading path, ensuring that every step you take is in alignment with your unique strengths and circumstances, because in the end nobody will actually trade like you.

Been searching for an end-to-end learning solution? Join the queue-of-frustration. An in-depth online search for courses purporting to teach people “how to Trade” returns sources that rarely offer full programmes required to produce a rock-solid basis of understanding.

Obviously, a 2-day seminar or courses promising a “profitable strategy” (really?) are going to fall short. Here’s why: 1) They lack a sustainable approach, missing ongoing self-management or risk control mechanisms that dont align or fit the traders unique risk-profile  which should naturally evolve with personal growth, the market dynamics focused upon and your unique trading setups. 2) Markets are in constant flux, yet these courses offer static, one-time strategies, and not a process or system that is flexible and even documents  and manages these changes. 3) They often fail to mirror your unique risk appetite or market preferences, neglecting the essence of who you are as a trader.

For many, this narrow focus becomes a costly trap, not just in time and money, but in leading you away from genuinely relevant and up-to-date content. It’s a cycle of duplication and frustration, steering you further from your trading goals.

There must be a better way. At EQsIQ, we don’t just think so; we know so. Our approach tackles this fragmentation head-on. We offer comprehensive programmes that adapt to you and the markets, ensuring you’re equipped with strategies that are as dynamic as the trading world itself.

Say goodbye to the disjointed, cookie-cutter methods and embrace a journey with EQsIQ, where your education is as unique as your trading style. This narrow focus to the unsuspecting is often a time & cost trap, leading to deep duplication of old materials or worse still, a diversion from more relevant content.

There must be a better way.  At EQsIQ, we think so.

rain light

A. Your broker’s objective is to extract commissions through increased order flow from you, not make you money. Every trade you make might be feeding their profits more than yours.

B. The aim of  that “News” channel is to garner your attention so it can proffer information that keeps you watching  first, & perhaps advertising it’ll display to you second, it isn’t about making YOU money. Remember, their primary goal isn’t financial education; it’s viewership and ad revenue.

C. The goal of that Social Trading App is to have you subscribebelieve that your goals are achieved by somehow being “social” & perhaps following some that were simply lucky on one stock or two but don’t necessarily have any longevity or in many cases know better than you. Consider, are these ‘successful’ traders really experts, or just momentarily lucky?

So what do you notice from these issues? Well, you are extremely valuable, else they wouldn’t make such noise clamouring for your attention!

The point is that none of them have your primary objective of long-term profitability tightly aligned with their business goals. The noise they make & the focus they steal is often a beguiling distraction. 

Many traders become unwittingly bogged down through  this problem because checks & balances aren’t in place to regulate activity properly & avoid the distractions. You’re the prize they’re all competing for, not your financial success. Can you see this problem left unchecked can halt true performance & development of your unique system?

EQsIQ see the problem, our offerings are “low noise” & “You Centric”  because actually, not a single person on the planet will trade like you because your RISK PROFILE STACK ® is unique. EQsIQ offer  just the very best information & tools that add value to those who are committed & seek exceptional professional performance, through programmes and courses that have you and the long term in mind.

Have you considered how much this noise has diverted you from your true trading potential?

Stop the noise, get rid of the obstruction, do it once and do it right with EQsIQ., break free from the noise with EQsIQs focused, scientifically researched trader-centric approach.

You have three choices to acquire a pivotal piece of information necessary to complete a task. Do you

A. Read it?

B. View video about it?

C. Have  one-on-one sessions directly about it?

D. Engage in the activity head-on & learn on the go?

But what if your preferred method isn’t available? Are you forced to adapt, potentially compromising your learning efficiency? Actually, we tend to have a preference for one or two of the above, & these modes of information processing have huge impacts on the ability to absorb information optimally.

How often have you found yourself struggling through text-heavy materials, wishing for a more interactive or visual explanation? The problem when learning for many is that the information source is rigid in its delivery mechanism, often employing just one  methodology in the mistaken belief said mode fits all information types. This one-size-fits-all approach can hinder your understanding and retention of crucial trading concepts 

Imagine learning complex trading strategies solely through text – does it truly cater to the practical nature of trading? Do you believe that learning to ride a bicycle is best delivered by text?  What about a decision to compete in Triathlons? Best served by just video?

No, of course not, each situation is best served by a mix of approaches,  but you’ll raise an eyebrow when we point out that most Investing & Trading information is still overwhelmingly delivered exclusively in text. Is this optimal to learning?

Just like in trading, where adaptability is key, shouldn’t your education be equally versatile?

At EQsIQ, we challenge this outdated norm. We understand that a mix of learning methods, tailored to both the content and your preferences, is crucial for mastering the art of trading, and that therefore must include an interactive Trading environment that is safe and available for you to trully improve your trading performance.. 

So you’re sitting down in front of your execution platform feeling pumped that cash has been transferred & your balance is visible, you are bursting with passion & a strong will to trade your way to financial  freedom. (Told you we’ve been there).

Q. What’s your next move? This critical decision point is where many veer off course.

The typical newcomer mistake is to operate from a belief system that revolves around the trading platforms buying & selling area.  Ask yourself if you should really be making trade decisions sat in front of your execution platforms order system with your finger on the trigger for 6 hrs of the day (if you’re trading intra-day)?

Consider this: are these platforms designed for your comprehensive understanding or to enable your quick transactions that bring them the revenue? hmmm…

To compound this problem, the platform is primarily set up to administer buying & selling, not necessarily analytical thinkingassessing risk in your strategies tactics or mechanics of your trading. Most platforms major in  just price action, and even then with  highly variable historic data plans from which you can analyse this data, because they want you to trade quickly.

In short, not many platforms do a very good job of marshalling your thinking, but many do produce indicator overload with the price action data, often unwittingly marshalling newcomers or the uninitiated into an exclusive over-reliance of Technical Analysis for many which take hold & dictate already rudimentary or weak thinking approaches. Trading without a plan is like entering a chess match blindfolded.

Furthermore the traditional Trading Plan isnt enough because its focus is on trade mechanics, not who you are and what your tolerances and habits about risk are! Your responses  and modification in your  behaviour should be your “Trading Plan”, as such the traditional trading plan is out.

Behaviours are in. This is a simple  incredibly hard habitual process to change once set, & can “blow-up” all your credit before you change enough.

Trading is a performance, it has similarities to deep level sporting competition. Just like an Olympic event you cannot expect to just “rock up” to a trading platform unprepared, poorly organised without a fully committed game-plan, wing-it & expect to win, consistently.

The professional (a possible EQsIQ alumni) on the other side of your impending “newbie” trade is most likely drilled & prepared, perhaps also with access to deep level risk tools & Institutional Grade data analysis, research & news platforms with a reputation amongst peers to maintain. They’re not just trading; they’re executing a well-rehearsed behavioural strategy. Are you? 

If you’re going to win at your game  you must come to your execution platform already prepared briefed & knowing exactly what your strategy is so you don’t drift making random trades in the afternoon based on nothing more than hunches because youve not prepared yourself properly in anticipating human nature throuought your trading day.

Could advanced awareness and simple mindful self-monitoring of everything you do perhaps solve this problem? Yes it can and the science tells us so.

Do you currently have any recording mechanism in place to note your mood, your strategy tested, market condition? How comprehensive is this? Where is it located? Do you respect it enough to make diligent notes that you reference repeatedly? In short do you have any feedback loop of any kind that forms a part of your overall Trading Plan? Do you even have a fully written, clean & respected Trading Plan you cherish?

One thing is certain, if you aren’t in control of your objectives you will become someone else’s  subject. Self-monitoring is more than just a practice; it’s your safeguard against the market’s unpredictability.

Don’t let your trading journey be dictated by the whims of the market causing emotional reactions as you drift through the day. Mindful and timed approaches to your Self-management is your compass, your behavioural management tool.

Is your trading plan a roadmap to success, or just a sheet of paper?”

Having a plan is not the same thing as executing it properly.  Often standing in the way of good execution of your plan is a lack of a framework that will help monitor the process efficiently. Random execution is tremendous fan, but, it is a gamble with your financial future. Are you willing to take that risk? Are you able to curb that  enthusiasm for gambling? Do you have a process in place to curb that behaviour? 

Take one strategy you may want to use in your trading. What conditions are right for use of the strategy? Are there any other market dependencies that must align in order to render it useful or not? All these variables & many more will constitute what we refer to as the SET-UP.

Q. How will you know if the set-up is or isn’t successful? Probably the most critical question you could ever ask of your trading. Is this something missing in your approach? If it is missing then how can we implement a system to account for it?

Without such a system in place,  there will be no progress because you won’t have any measure for what works, when & how much it works. Poor Application of your Trading Plan & your set-ups will kill your account balance rapidly ( The “blow-up“).

Furthermore, at the end of the blow-up, you’ll not have learned anything properly about what does & doesn’t work,  why? Because you had no system in place to monitor  your set-ups & record results of the same. Remember, a well-planned SET-UP  with a behaviour to only trade that set-up precisely, is your blueprint for success in the volatile trading landscape.

If your funds deplete, you’ll remain in the same position without any advance in your investment learning despite perhaps wasted money on a 2-day seminar  which instead of giving you a framework for true independence, tried & failed to help you understand a need to build and deploy a wide range of “weaponry” to slay a shape shifting alien…  that can cloak.

Isn’t it time you took your learning seriously and committed properly to something far more rigorously professional for the long term?

Dont get left behind by the growing retail professionals already adopting EQsIQ’s modern behavioural trading techniques causing a stir before weve even launched in anger. Transform missed opportunities into your trading triumphs. It’s time to embrace change – choose the path of discipline, behavioural measurement and advanced new age techniques with EQsIQ delta-V Framework for exceptional Trading performance.

You’ve decided to start Investing & Trading seriously, inevitably this question is coming to find you every time you invest or trade passionately.

Who exactly am I?

It isn’t a soft option filler of a question either. New entrants to the market may have avoided the question, unsure it has any relevance at all to trading. But as you may know, this question is utterly central to success if you want to move beyond the cul-de-sac that is passive anecdotal Investing onto the autobahn of active diligent Trading & Investing.

What is this, an art class for social studies? I want to trade!

No doubt that is the reaction from some but let me ask you to consider this quick exercise.

Have you ever placed your money on the line in a sporting bet or had a high buy-in to a non-financial result such as a final exam, & noticed your mood & behaviour prior, during & then immediately after the event good or bad? What things do you notice about yourself?

The chances are that you identified differences at every stage in your mood & behaviour toward others, including decision approaches towards spending i.e. your output.

Now take that experience at each stage & condense it into 1 hour, experience it. Now take that experience & multiply that cycle throughout the week as passionately as 5 times that single day, feel it.

Astute thinkers will identify emotional turbulence to contend with. Now add to that the anguish of losing money at the end of those daily cycles, week in week out, & quickly this has become an emotional roller-coaster of a week?

As if this wasn’t enough, there are two more layers to go. Take this turbulence you experience, & now imagine having to make decisions about adding more money to pay for another failed exam or repeating the same trade set-up despite knowledge that 3 times prior it failed.  Will you retake the exam? Will you take that 4th trade? 

Whilst undertaking all this, your partner or parents are scrutinising your spend on seemingly negative things that are proving unsuccessful, not only that but they have noticed changes in your behaviour & are full of critique & concern.

So now, who are you? How are you responding under market and personal pressure? What behaviours do you notice? Are your decisions involving money & risk the same?

As an independent Investor, you must become a Researcher, Analyst, Psychologist, Risk Manager & drilled practitioner  to a professional competence rarely found in the toolbox of even most people, so can you now see why trading is tricky? Can you see sometimes Trading involves personal change to manage these issues effectively? 

Is it any wonder, that the unsuspecting poorly prepared Trader so often fails at trading due to mismanaged expectations?

Can you see why a course that claims to teach you to trade in 2 days isn’t going to come close to cutting it? Ideas are everywhere, the issue is who is the person deciding to implement them and how?

EQsIQ recognises the importance of this multifaceted challenge. Our courses, under the Risk Profile™ and Risk Pressure™ tags, are central to every programme. We align our goals with your long-term growth, guiding you to master the art of trading which begins with a scientific approach to this art.

Don’t fall into the trap of quick-fix trading courses or following strategies that will likely never fit you. Real success in trading requires a deep understanding of self with cutting edge tools to prepare and manage these issues in advance. With EQsIQ, prepare for real growth, real skills, and genuine measurable improvement with our Delta-V [the change in value] framework, because the Trading Plan isnt enough!

Youve come to the top  if youre reading this. Delay can be costly. Are you ready to face the question and embrace the journey with EQsIQ

Our Principles


EQsIQ upholds the highest standards of ethics & accountability. There is no compromise.

The company was started in part because there was a shocking limited supply of quality educational sources outside of institution associated postgraduate programmes of study.  You will find no claims about the promise of vast levels of wealth possible from taking a course or programme completion. We do not even claim any processes gleaned will provide you with any means to guaranteed wealth & there is a fundamental reason we don’t. In short, making such claims is as ridiculous as an MBA programme citing vast levels of wealth on course completion, it is dishonest & misleading, even though most students take an MBA for exactly those reasons, but that is a personal matter, we cannot trade or invest for you.

That said, the core content used to compile programmes & courses is of the highest calibre & come primarily from the same origins used to educate professional Investment & Portfolio Managers, Hedge Fund Analysts & Traders typically already in possession of a good graduate level qualification. 

The emphasis at EQsIQ is the provision of education first followed by an additional layer of insights (Hacks) that seek relationships between the core education.

The third layer of information relates to the practicalities of planning & execution using what has been learned prior. The goal is that you will professionally devise strategies with set-ups for yourself instead of any need to seek out questionable or misleading strategies from less than competent sources.  

EQsIQ offers deep level education, but we are not offering any specific investment advice. We simply do not provide any information on which stocks to pick, Forex pair to trade, Futures or Options contracts to buy/ sell, or which named exchanges or products to subscribe to.  No information contained in any Programme, Course or Lesson from this website or communication should be taken as any signal or guide as to where to invest.  Where any such product, service, contract or stock is mentioned, it is done so purely for descriptive educational purposes only. 

That said our independence is liberating for our students because our “low noise” means we are not endorsing any external product or service other than the educational content provided via our automated Learning Management System. You’ll receive no annoying ads, or view information specifically displayed to support any hidden agenda to mislead or add bias with the result of selling product that don’t relate to your investment in your life-changing education.

You will not find any plagiarised materials on EQsIQ, all video, text & data presented is fully our own intellectual property & has taken much effort to produce, check & organise.

You won’t find any of this material reproduced anywhere else on the internet & because it has our stamp of originality, we would welcome any assistance in identifying any theft of copyright at your first convenience. We are here not only to protect your investment but also your privacy too by never offering out or selling your details to any third party.

EQsIQ, a name you can trust.

If you need any clarification regarding our ethical practice, please let us know, we are here 24/7, or simply find clarity in our site terms and disclaimers for more specific information.

As an antidote to the Fragmentation of information in this field across books, courses & academic materials of varying complexity, EQsIQ has consolidated & distilled these into a knowledge core.  

By centralising our deep-level research from close to a thousand sources (& growing), this information is not only easy to access but has been painstakingly edited, filtered, redesigned, bolstered, trimmed, assessed & refined for your benefit. This removes duplication & because it is ordered & connected logically, much better retention of relevant knowledge 

Additionally, this process is ongoing, meaning we are committed to modernity, whereas many internet sources are of disappointingly limited value or questionable quality, often grossly outdated & frankly with basic information or strategies that don’t often work but can completely waste time for weeks or months until its lack of relevancy is realised by you. Remember, we’ve been there, that’s the reason for our quality output.  

Remember, we’ve been there, it isn’t pretty, EQsIQ was established for this reason.  

You cannot improve anything without   means with which to measure it. In the pursuit of proficiency, the cornerstone of superior performance involves feedback loops from practice & testing, just ask any professional Athlete or Chess Master.

The key to improvement involves the recording of your inputs during learning, & the continual use of this data as a yardstick to measure improvement.

Track progress through courses simulations & tests to provide valuable self-mentoring feedback that keeps your advancement in the right direction as you progress.

EQsIQ, kings of feedback

You !

With an intuitive learning workflow, EQsIQ discovers more about you, your psychology & preferences that bring a unique perspective to your market advantages.  

By building on your advantages first, we maximise the suitability of your pathway & thus reduce learning time, boost your progress & enhance your likelihood of reaching your Trade or investment goals. 

EQsIQ absolutely believe you have more advantages in the game than you think, let us help you uncover them & best align your true self to the markets, to tip the balance of probabilities further in your favour. 

You are actually the “edge”, the advantage, let EQsIQ help you uncover this, well show you how.

With our centralised CoreBody of knowledge, you can plot a Learning Pathway through, thus creating your own Programme of study depending upon your needs. 

You could elect to advance broadly across all disciplines specifically at the highest level (3), or be more specific choosing our extensive Trade Hacks section say, whilst opting for the foundation (level 1) only for example.

We have all possible Learning Pathways covered to suit your unique circumstance for today whilst protecting that investment by discount off your next programme purchase should you opt for more modules.   

At EQsIQ, we won’t ever proffer nonsense to those already vulnerable to exploitation on the basis they do not yet understand what it is they seek. Having been there, lost a few T-Shirts & an eye-watering amount of money in the early days, we established this site as an antidote to the sheer volume of hyperbole & misinformation about this issue. We hope to bring you a professionality unknown in this sector by exceeding your expectations.

Adopting the right skills to trade involves absorbing a multifaceted curriculum from academic subjects like Economics right the way through to an understanding of Statistics, probabilities & Psychology since the biggest battle of all is with self. Once you understand this principle it becomes immediately apparent that a 2-day seminar claiming to “teach you how to be profitable” is an exercise in fantasy & unethical marketing practices.

As such, we are here for the long term because learning to invest or trade, requires unexpected focus, determination, & a keen dedication to acquiring knowledge. It is not unlike preparing for an Olympic sport. The reason so many seemingly fail has more to do with the realization of these expectations at a late stage & less about Trading alone being a difficult activity by itself to master. It isn’t, placing a trade is actually one of the easiest things to do, however having a system & following it scientifically is where the problems of self-management creep in.


 EQsIQ will be with you every step of the way through this journey and if you stick with it, you’ll not only save money by reducing your risk of account “blowout” but we’ll help you avoid scams, disreputable instruments & irrelevant tools for your  system, whilst being utterly reasonable with your paid  investment in our ethical learning courses & programmes (Fair’s fair). 

VENNESLA-LIBRARY-AND-CULTURE-HOUSE-NORWAY-best-libraries-architectureNothing  hinders Learning more than disorganised, disparate information.

A quick search of  much investing & trading information online &  examination at many sites delivers disorganised noise.

Without a system in place to compartmentalise it tag it log it and order it, learning in the area seems like an uphill struggle, this is typically best seen on many sites where News is delivered sequentially by date as opposed to access according to  any organised grid or site-list presentation. Although this may be relevant for their  immediate audience, it is something at every level EQsIQ seeks to avoid.

You will always know where you are, and how far you have come, how much progression is required and your position in the information provided. This helps to shrink perceived volume of information, increase motivation to complete, and aid a natural intuitive connection between the various stages of the materials.

Ultimately, you won’t get frustrated that things seem disorganised & unruly, no, “not on our watch”.

EQsIQ Road-Map

data center

All paths lead out from this core base.

Using premium information sources from both academic & the absolute best professional Financial Education Bodies & Associations, we are painstakingly developing rich on-line mixed-media presentations, summaries, Programmes, Courses behavioural checklists & revision materials, accessible through the cloud, allowing learning & practice scenarios to take place anywhere.

Ensuring full subject coverage, this high- quality CORE EDUCATION content is sourced also from the same content base Professionals have studied hard to acquire to boost competence amongst leading Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Research Firms, Market Makers & Multinationals.

Individuals looking to learn how to trade will find this core to be both enlightening & of tremendous personal leverage as it comprehensively addresses the gaps in their knowledge so often left unresolved through current routes to trading markets, whilst uniquely placing you your beliefs values and character right at the centre of it.

In short, the core education on offer will transform understanding & leapfrog you to the front of the competition, making individuals less prone to false dependencies from poor products, or inappropriate service offerings that so often steal precious focus.

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Independent Investors have a unique set of circumstances regarding the management of self. As new entrants to the markets, preconceived notions need to be examined & typically altered, beliefs & fears relating to personalised risk-on-risk-off behaviours identified & reshaped.

Too often, the current assistance provided in making what are profound psychological changes, if at all addressed, are anecdotal, or insufficient.

EQsIQ has committed to deep innovation in the provision of tools, methods & procedures within select courses using advanced tools & Psychological Inventories, to help candidates assess themselves & develop, or even change beliefs that may sabotage Investment behaviours & activities.  Make no mistake, this issue changes fortunes.

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External to institutions, & in the absence of corporate risk tools, training, or the pressures of departmental compliance directives, the Individual Investor has a unique challenge when it comes to managing risk because they must manage themselves without direction.

EQsIQ has identified the need to rigorously research & create unique frameworks to help manage these components of “personalised” risk so often left out in the poorly constructed learning materials typically available today elsewhere.

For better Investor & trader analysis, awareness & performance, managing personal risk is central to performance. Claiming it as “unnecessary” isn’t an option in any credible learning material, for here “there be dragons!“.

Our focus, our courses & tools are closely aligned with your best interest & sitting in front of an execution tool looking for guidance about that risk is not the best way to seek your “friendships“! (Join our webinars now to find out why!).

By having courses that tackle this area of Risk, we can drill down to a more practical level to better understand its components such as Probability, Volatility, Statistics, Stochastics, Time Series processes, Seasonals & Money Management & its Multiplier effects.

 We brief you comprehensively on ways to reduce risk, manage leverage & “stay-in-the-gameso you can keep batting for your wins

We then focus on methods to re-invest to meet your objectives, all of which acts as a great prelude to formulating your Trading Plan & managing your Set-Ups library within it.

Stop getting sidelined by that noise, do it all once & do it well with ongoing assistance from EQsIQ.

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Once the gaps in the education are filled, the issue of putting it to use is next.  

We dovetail seamlessly from Strategies to their Tactics, & then how we can use our Mechanics to implement or execute these principles correctly in markets.

New entrants to Investing will begin to see how a failure to establish a solid educational core, leaves the ability to conceive Trading Strategies severely hampered. It is for this reason; we place so much emphasis on the core education because it gives you so much more room “to Dance”.

Making sense?

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If all paths lead outward from our core educational base, eventually all learning dovetails inward to populate the Trading Plan

The Trading Plan is your Operating Document that marshals your workflow, rules & personalised checklists. 

The Trading Plan thus contains the principles of your short, mid & long-term objectives, personal rules, checklists, personality flags, best matched Hacks, trade building blocks, chosen markets, time frames, risk rules, money management rules, Strategies, Tactics, Trade Mechanics & a rolling database of your Set-ups Library.

To put it mildly, we believe it will be a new paradigm, the best Plan of its kind available anywhere a new benchmark & it is being continually refined.

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Our “Electronic Gymnasium” is our umbrella term referring to those aspects of our cloud platform that are tied to testing, simulation & practice.

For Professionals looking for Exam Prep study assistance, not only do we provide unique Video Blackboard Summaries of concepts for easy reference with full course coverage, but we also provide extensive testing with feedback for each unit of learning in our Performance Playground 

Pass marks & summarised analysis of scores will enable students to understand better which areas require focus whilst challenging themselves further by test at any time to assess progress.

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From our research, we discovered papers such as a review of the effectiveness of 10 commonly used learning techniques by Dunlosky, Rawson et al. They found that techniques, such as the rereading of material, mnemonic devices or underlining, were of surprisingly poor efficacy.

Hmm…rereading? We listened.

Techniques involving taking practice tests & spreading out learning over regular but distributed time slots (Distributed Practice) were found to be most beneficial across a broad spectrum of people.

EQsIQ produced Video Blackboard content to replace your need to reread volumes of text during the revision phase.

Videos’ have a better record for memory retention & cognition because they engage concentration through visually dynamic cues. Another by-product of this communication method is the speed of adoption of new concepts, & time matters to working professionals.

At EQsIQ the epiphany was apparent, & the phrase employed loudly was “no brainer”. So, Exam Prep by use of extensive testing now meets enhanced revision practices through quick video search & review to boost your progress whilst helping you get to grips with concepts you’ll remember. Simple.

Let’s get started, sign-up, there’s a lot to cover

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Dynamically build Trading Plans, Set-ups & Behavioural Checklists 


 Create public wall posts & share your activity with other users

 Gain redeemable points from site based activities or friend introductions & sign-ups

 Measurably improve using events, Courses & Programmes

 Peg your progress inside & get invited to our party on Facebook

 Learn advanced concepts simplified & actionable, through video

Receive printed certification after programme completion to demonstrate rigorous learning to others

 Receive real-time notices about your progress & others activities

 Register & login to your profile via Facebook, Twitter, G+ or LinkedIn

 Track user profiles & keep updated by their activities in your activity feed

 Redeem your profile activity points for Premium Courses or use towards “must-see” content

 Rate & review Courses & Users using a 5-star rate/review system

Rank & manage your course progress & site activities with your peers

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We cannot become what we truly desire, by remaining what we are” – Paul de Souza