• The Game has changed,  old information is not enough. Getting skilled today as an Analyst / Investor /Trader  goes beyond basic information. Best practice means it now extends heavily through many  disciplines of psychology & self -management  through tools and approaches that deliver true constructive advantages within the work-flow.
  • There are certain behaviours, activities and knowledge levels that conflate to induce circumstances which precipitate higher return rates in individual performances, noted innovative minds agree.
  • Behaviour is a function of Beliefs and Values. By fine-tuning what we choose to believe and value we automatically create behaviours and activities that intuitively move us toward our objectives, or what we have decided is important to us.
  • EQ (emotional intelligence) is the reason why  “People with average IQs’   outperformed those with the highest IQs’ 70% of the time”.  Staying personally organised is huge, including managing meaningful relationships.
  • Good Trading is a performance, and  should account for who you are and accommodate your unique character set,  beliefs, what you conceive and perceive, your  situational circumstances and approaches toward decision making.
  • EQsIQ delivers measurable improvement in  Investor,  Analyst and Trader  Performance through use of a variety of best-in-class  in-house innovations that  precision strike behaviours, responses,  cognitive awareness & data patterns that reduce costs,  increase returns and improve professional & personal competencies.
  • There is no one particular way,  there is only your way…

Paul de Souza