Through the simple division of trading into two components we can better begin to examine & address the issues that produce exceptional competence or  inhibit progress in the pursuit of effective self-managed Trading & Investment activity.

Following a deep analysis of these issues, the broad top level groups came to inspire the name of the company. Lets explain them in context:

IQ: Pertaining mainly to those aspects that relate to logical cognitive processes. Such processes tend to involve deliberative thinking as exemplified by concious mental calculation, procedural cognition or learning in the early stages. Those thinking modes that occupy and utilise your Intelligence Quotient for results.

EQ: Pertaining to those mental & related aspects of self, that are not so easily defined by logical thinking, the other kind of smart, that relates to self (inward) & other people (outward) forms of awareness and management. An intuitive sensitivity to the emotions of others and of self.

From these two divisions we can better “drill down” Training by helping to target different brain modes, namely IQ, relating to our Core Education  Programmes, and EQ, towards awareness and management of self.

Why is this important? At the time of Emergence of EQ, Emotional Quotient (or Emotional Intelligence) around 1995, academic consensus has grown from an observation that  those with  average IQ scores outperformed those with higher IQ’s 70% of the time in various controlled tasks. Something had to explain this unexpected phenomenon. Academic consensus increasingly points to EQ as the reason for this.

Emotional Intelligence is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others

Too often information sources pay lip service via books and courses about what to focus on, only to leave the Trader with absolutely no robust plan as to how to incrementally build such behaviour practically into any trading routine.   Also, where psychological adaptation (change)  is required  that help sow new habits through analysing and changing beliefs, a lack of “How” has driven much research and production of the tools necessary in the  EQsIQ Curriculum & its objective to address these issues in your work flow.


The tools of self-management from identification of where you are now, right through to establishing your unique situation and existing knowledge based advantages to build your profile of market suitability,  together with a foundational core education that correctly orientates the uninitiated (IQ) comprise what we call your total  RISK PROFILE STACK®, a set of tools that uniquely addresses all unique aspects that affect your self-managed approach or footprint over the markets.

The RISK PROFILE STACK® provides you a turnkey, practical & robust framework to better self -manage your progress and attain true inward and outward independence from the noise so often accompanying the process of learning to trade the markets. Make no mistake, this changes the game and EQsIQ is proud to lead from the front with this innovative approach that will save you money, shrink time orientate you quickly towards what is important and what is not as you attempt to make sense of the financial Services landscape.

All programmes  include the RISK PROFILE STACK®, itself available in Explorer, Intermediate, Advanced, PRO & PRO++ levels. The RISK PROFILE STACK® comprises the following Deep level modules:

LAUNCHPAD: Foundation and Orientation to trading, success definitions, Introduction and overview of Financial Services & Risk management  processes.

WHO ARE YOU: We evaluate your beliefs, values, circumstances and  behaviours that come from them, whilst plotting a course towards your “identified as wanted” behavioural  changes. Personal life auditing and situation analysis that aids correctly aligning goals circumstance to market approaches and time-frames that fit.

RISK METRICS:  A deeper look at  the Personal management of your  Risk , approaches, styles, perceptions, formulae and professional methodologies underpinning institutional mindsets

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Behavioural Check-lists, cognitive tools  and methodologies to drive psychological change and create dynamic new habits and foster enhanced ways of thinking that truly move and empower.  Time management &  your improved ability to accept & direct your emotions and read better those of others.

TRADING PLAN: Comprehensive Trading Plan Builder, populated as you progress through all modules with your unique output.  Trading Check lists  (including Pre & Post segmented behaviours) that marshal activity and improve focus & productivity.

SET-UPS LIBRARY: A repository with Trading templates styles that keep and rank, group or reference your set-ups for review or enhancement at any time, fostering best practice for the logging of ideas and approaches that can be built upon tweaked or added to, with an operational benefit of immediately channelling trading behaviour, process and progress from the start.