REFRACTION: Your “Must have” Calibration for building Trading Success.

This in-depth course is designed for both new and recently funded traders looking to take their skills to the next level or drive through profit blockages.



REFRACTION: Your “Must have” Calibration for a Trading Career & income that scales with your learning.

This in-depth course is designed for both new and experienced traders looking to advance to the next level.

It will provide critical primers on the key concepts that many traders miss or don’t fully understand, giving you an instant edge, you need to navigate the markets with confidence. From market approaches & nuanced knowledge of market participants to risk management strategies that do & don’t serve you, this course accelerates you, & covers what you need to know to become a successful trader.

Don’t make the mistakes that others do, invest in your trading education today and elevate your trading game to a new level with Mastering the Markets.

Your Pace

At your command. Any-time, any-place, anywhere.

Long Haul

Long-term dependable self-managed cloud tools.

Get Ahead

Step Up, fill in the gaps. Get ahead of the crowd.

Premium Education

Comprehensive & centralised full curriculum coverage.


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