The process most often left out of consideration by not only New Traders but those with some experience is connected with the single most important reason they exist.

Even professional Institutional Traders are prone to this, although they are heavily marshalled &  regimented by a working office environment & its processes that help to somewhat mitigate these risks.

As  independent Traders we dont have this luxury, we are our managers, our Analysts, our dieticians, our exercise coach & so many more roles, that come with an independent self-reliant working entrepreneur.

The opportunity to drift from norms that keep us operating efficiently is much higher.

We tend to take our bodies ability to consistently operate for granted in many stretches of time from  days or even weeks at a time, before we perhaps acknowledge a conscious maintenance of it, & for some, if at all.

Habits set in over time, & despite some even awakening to a need to maintain its function optimally with a little care &  attention, often that focus is short, intermittent, perhaps at the Gym or perhaps transient as a fad born of New Years resolutions that arent upheld due to a lack of a system that would keep it consistently focused front & centre, in the same manor an Athlete would (thats a huge clue).


There is a mind & body connection with a feedback loop that works both ways.

You’re decision making is at risk based on something as seemingly innocuous as

  • what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
  • how you exercise, when and how often,
  • your sitting position,
  • how you move your body,

& also because your posture,  feeds-back directly to your sense of self-worth, & this affects your beliefs,  even impacting upon your values that dont serve you.

 Your life is a result of your brains operation, your brains operation is programmed by your beliefs, your Beliefs are informed by your Values.

In fact if you ever want to know what someone is like, mimic everything about them physically  & you’ll be surprised the information you’ll pick up about what drives them, so powerful is this mind body connection.  It cannot be left off-the -table””when our objectives as independent Traders is to align every single advantage we possibly can to create an edge in this performance led entrepreneurial endeavour.

To prove this point, if I ask you to imagine you’re standing up tall, straight breathing deeply & have a cape billowing behind you with a self assured smile on your face,  & to feel it by putting yourself in that moment… note  how differently you feel about yourself… its subtle but it is real &  this isn’t a game, it impacts decision making, which means it may impact upon how & when you decide to take Trades… How you go about assuming RISK!

The  feedback loop between well being, mental focus, bodily posture,  nutrition can change your world view  morning, afternoon or evening. If you TRACK this issue over the course of a week, month or year you can see, how these changes produce impacts upon aspects of your life, but remember:

“If you dont measure it, you cannot improve it”

Decision making in the morning can be very different by the afternoon. If you skip lunch or have ad hoc eating habits your mood will be vastly different from morning to afternoon, likewise if you consume fizzy pop, or eat a heavy lunch laden with starchy food,  a biological response some call “Post lunch dip” is going to make you feel sluggish of mind & body come the afternoon Trading session.

Unattended, your attention to your body & the signals its giving you, your Physical Quotient (PQ) could end up a reason for poor risk controls, perhaps because under certain circumstances you throw caution to the wind at a certain time of Day, regularly… Can you see this?


How do we keep on top of these mind & body  issues as independent Traders?

We TRACK them. Risk Profile Tracking is :

Quantitative & Qualitative Monitoring, Evaluation & Management  of  Physical Risks

EQsIQ, your comprehensive “Insurance” Plan…