Through the simple division of trading into three components we can better begin to examine & address the issues that produce exceptional competence or  inhibit progress in the pursuit of effective self-managed Trading & Investment activity. Up next… Psychology.


Quantitative & Qualitative Self-Assessment, Evaluation & Management  of Your Psychological Risks


Why is this important? At the time of Emergence of EQ, Emotional Quotient (or Emotional Intelligence) around 1995, academic consensus has grown from an observation that  those with  average IQ scores outperformed those with higher IQ’s 70% of the time in various controlled tasks. Something had to explain this unexpected phenomenon. Academic consensus increasingly points to EQ as the reason for this.

Emotional Intelligence is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others

Too often information sources pay lip service via books & courses about what to focus on, only to leave the Trader with absolutely no robust plan as to how to incrementally build such behaviours practically into any trading routine.

Furthermore, in a Trading context, the term EQ needs some modification because Learning To Trade well, is not a static process but an active one of perpetual adaptation. as such a system is required that is intrinsic to your Plan, that self-corrects.

Also, Psychological adaptation (change)  must therefore involve the development & personal management of new habits.

The process of analysing & changing these habits boils down to Beliefs & Values

Beliefs & values are the core software that control us.  A of  lack of  information about “How” to bring about true Psychological change, has driven much research & production of the tools necessary in the  EQsIQ Curricula & its objective to address these issues in your work flow.

That said, EQ is also external, what is utterly revealing is actually being able to read aspects of it in others, amongst market participants, & to identify it in the Price Action across every liquid asset class.

The tools of self-management,  from identification of where you are now, right through to establishing your unique advantages, character & Psychological perception of Risk,  impact your suitability to various styles & forms of Trading.

This is important, because many venture into the business never quite experiencing the breadth of possibilities before perhaps focusing too hard & too early on areas that dont suit them or align their advantages well.

This process of developing “EQ”  together with an eye-opening education in understanding how your brain truly operates, we call “STACKING”

Your total  RISK PROFILE STACK ®, is a set of tools with relevant education, that focus on your unique aspects affecting your self-managed approach or footprint over the markets, this being part of your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE .

The RISK PROFILE STACK® provides you a turnkey, practical & robust framework to better self -manage your progress & help you attain true inward & outward independence from the noise so often accompanying the process of learning to trade.

Make no mistake, this changes the game,  &  EQsIQ is proud to lead from the front with this innovative approach that will save you money, shrink time orientate you quickly towards what is important & what is not,  as you attempt to make sense of the financial Services landscape.

.Do it once, get it right from the start & you rely less on the forums, can rebuff the  noise,  will spot the scams better but most importantly have a system of self-Management you can grow with at your own pace with greater independence.