False beliefs, poor mindset, incorrect configuration from the start,  can prove damaging to Trader development by stealing time & your focus.  A system to dismantle & replace them with solid foundations is required.

EQsIQ assists traders implement tools, processes and procedures that  lay solid knowledge based foundations about which to build professional understanding that informs and commands respect.

LaunchPad provides Traders with an utterly critical high level quick-fire review of the ins & outs of Trading, what it is & absolutely isn’t, so you’re empowered beyond the competition to migrate away from the “Newbie” or “New Trader” tag as quickly as possible.

The longer you remain a “Newbie”, the greater your chances of succumbing to misdirection, here-say & targeting by the unscrupulous.   As a New Trader with “Newbie”credentials you’re heavily profiled as a demographic both internally & externally of markets, which if not recognised can derail good practice development from your critical start.

Good Trading requires the Navigation away from certain  human responses, which actually work against the New Trader simply because initially Trading may seem unintuitive. As a New Trader your “eye” is untrained regarding price action & how best to position for Trades, In short a remapping, a conditioning is required & simply being aware of it upfront is the key.

EQsIQ will help you quickly get over this hurdle by re-framing Markets, Price Action & your mindset upfront, so you become conditioned early & better placed to recognise derailment possibilities as you encounter disparate information, misinformation or are in need of clarification.

LAUNCHPAD is your foundational base-camp where we issue high level overviews, safety concerns, points of order, to assist you manage correctly your assumptions & expectations regarding  how the industry works going forward. Corrective mindset re-framing, & what you should avoid, both within & external to the Markets.

By doing so, we;

  • Orientate the New Trader  in the right direction
  • Save valuable time, money & angst
  • Lock -in understanding from which thinking can build professionally & robustly
  • Reduce the fog behind daily process & procedure by  clarifying the right Roles, Goals & Visions to create
  • Shrinking the perceived volumes of information that may initially bewilder or confuse, by providing the correct sub-categories to use to help file away the products of good thinking.
  • Condition the New Trader sensitivity towards Financial & Emotional Risks

LaunchPad… Your countdown has begun