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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to grow your competence by taking this course with the following transformative benefits & features:


EQsIQ’s Modern “How to” Guide & Underground Playbook for

  • Laying the ground for a Net Positive revenue flow Trading the markets
  • Establishing your New Rules-based Trading Business in approx. 1 month
  • Providing entry level methods of daily & weekly operation to truly reboot your success
  • Avoiding pitfalls & provides direction that sky-rockets your Trading efficiency
  • Establishes your Trading Plan that properly fits and grows with you
  • Exposing the myths, underhand methods & dishonesty of the vast majority of Course makers, Platform Providers & public forums that mislead you for profit, with solutions and policies you must employ to outwit them.


Welcome to the Course that even before launch, is making unprecedented waves & generating huge pre-launch chatter. Generated using modern workflows & frameworks developed using over 20 years of Trading experiences, the course blows away

  • the old myths,
  • dampens the noises from sources you’ll discover don’t serve you at all,
  • helps you to re-frame and follow your trading goals correctly &
  • guides you away from processes & platforms that do not have your priorities aligned with theirs.


In taking this course you’ll transform your mindset & grow your filter for relevant information whilst measurably improving how you perform.

All of this will shrink what you perceive as credible pathways to your ultimate goal of independent & net-positive revenue extraction, saving you time, money & improving your self-confidence, whilst reducing stress.


It will most importantly increase your growing ability to reduce losses in trades whilst realistically accepting that they are still part of the “game”, the key is improving your net positive outflows by installing daily principles & methods of operation in your Trading Business…  this is the primary focus & mission of this course…


Q. Are you ready?…

Paul de Souza