Risk Profile Tracking? “What’s that?””

Risk Profile Tracking is best explained by the breaking down each word component. First, we are concerned, as always, with the identification, qualification, quantification, & mitigation of risk.

Secondly our focus in this section, is on our Profile, so this relates to a personal risk.

Thirdly, with Tracking we are concerned with a process that circles high grade on-going monitoring of mind and mental responses, the single most critical component of Trading, & yet the most overlooked of all by so many… our Psychology.

The way our minds work is paramount in determining how we respond to everything we interact with, including our trades. Understanding this nuance is the defining factor that separates successful traders from the rest. It is the difference between good and bad trading content.

Attention to this detail tends to define better trading ability, & this nuance is explored interactively through our programmes to extract & identify not only what makes you unique, but also to assist you pin-point mental patterns, ruts, which may not serve you.

We also assist you with innovative tools to help you manage, modify & restructure them, to bring lasting change, which drives consistent low-effort habits that stack over time, therefore improving you. 

In choosing quality Trading content, it is often this difference of focus that defines the exceptional, for there is a particularly good reason some of the best Trading desks in the world have tight links to scientifically moderated Psychological “weaponry” in the management of high-performance people.

Understanding how you work & what makes you unique brings unexpected advantages most of those learning to trade unintentionally bypass whilst being too beguiled by issues like “Technical Analysis” & the search for that “winning indicator” which never arrives but locks out a large amount of time & energy which in turn proves costly to the development of many.

EQsIQ» deploys Risk Profile Tracking, as one of 8 Domains-Of-Control to guide successful development of Traders who wish to move beyond the anecdotal & measurably improve step-by-step, on their pathway to true independence of operation & the growth of their accounts.