So often left out of teaching materials by most, the RISK PROFILE STACK ®, is a set of tools processes & checklists along with relevant education, which enhance your unique way of interacting with your environment.

This is critical because without it, we cannot trade and a system of better self-management that is aligned with gating these external issues required if the Trader wishes to get serious about extracting income persistently from markets.

Traders new to the markets must, and do, quickly realise that the following issues can arise,

  • Your current system of time management has you thinking in non-productive loops whilst your finger is poised to buy an asset about which you have no true insight or clue, it’s easy to drift there, what will you do to prevent it?
  • Friends and family may object to your trading in many different ways, loudly or even by withdrawing emotions, are you ready for that?
  • External debt may have a problem impeding your ability to trade mentally, are you self-aware enough to detect it and remove yourself from your Trading desk?
  • Circumstantially, that debt may actually preclude you from trading responsibly until a programme is in place to tackle it, have you performed a financial check-up before you’ve sent money to your brokerage account?
  • That health issue you’ve been turning away from, may be impacting your decision making, despite your fortitude to ignore it, or you’ve underestimated the effects the prescription’s may have upon you?
  • Could you still be intoxicated from that party you went to yesterday? Many drivers are caught drink-driving on a Monday morning to work whilst “suited and booted”, what if you did the same at your Trading desk?


Without a conscious system of awareness and rules in place before these issues happen, the likelihood of extreme loss is high. This is exacerbated by the fact a Trader may be new to markets and therefore be with low levels of awareness about the impending impact of their current state on financial decision making.

A major obstacle to Trading performance is consistency in self-management because destroying what has been built can happen in a careless hour with an overleverage trade & overlooked risk controls.

It’s also important to remember that unlike your competitors working in an institution on the other side of your trades, you’re most likely without anybody that can hold you to such close account, especially if new to the process, and worse if your mindset is rigid and belligerent to the issues mentioned above.

Traders who are equipped with the tools to manage their emotions and adapt to new situations are more likely to succeed in the competitive world of trading.

By building upon the Psychological insights & lessons from the Risk Profile Tracking, domain, we STACK advantages to implement tools tips and controls for managing self in this domain-of-control.

The RISK PROFILE STACK® provides you a turnkey, practical & robust framework to better self -manage your progress & help you attain true inward & outward independence from the noise so often accompanying the process of learning to trade, with an unexpected boost in your self-respect & therefore level of willingness to create and not break your own forged rules.

In short, with our Risk Profile Stacking Domain You’ll learn

  • to be more self-aware & regulate emotions,
  • communicate more effectively interpersonally,
  • to be more open-minded & receptive to feedback, which can lead to personal growth & development.

Make no mistake, this changes the game, &  EQsIQ is proud to lead from the front with this innovative approach that will save you money, shrink time, improve state awareness & attend to what is happening  around you by delivering a system of management which monitors these issues & makes much better use of your time & focus whilst you’re searching for market changes in perceived value or  execution in your Trading.