Education comes in its purest form with EQsIQ’s domain-of-control, Risk Profile Mapping, where we build upon the foundations of psychological control & Circumstance monitoring to establish a grounding in subject areas your trading competitors may have an advantage in, at this stage.

As such the emphasis here is on quick efficient catch-up on very well chosen and highly specific subjects that themselves behave like instant tools.

As a novice Trader, you are likely to encounter a seasoned counterpart on the opposite end of your trade. This experienced Trader has endured a grueling journey of three years of rigorous learning, accompanied by institutional education & a vocational qualification.

To compete effectively in this challenging landscape, aspiring Traders must be equipped with the essential subjects that form the bedrock of a thriving career. These crucial areas of focus must be prioritized, enabling new Traders to quickly acquire the necessary tools to navigate the intricacies of the market.

By taking a strategic approach to learning & developing a deep understanding of these key subjects, aspiring Traders can position themselves to confidently engage with the competition and set themselves apart from their peers to thrive in this complex, ever-changing arena.

It is only through a commitment to continuous learning and a steadfast dedication to mastering these critical areas that one can rise to the top & achieve lasting success in the world of Trading.

Carefully chosen courses that provide a basis for the coming domains are chosen here, the rest will be yours to acquire in on-going commitment to continual learning, because there’s always, “another level”.