In the Domain-Of-Control we call Risk Pressure Stacking, we provide processes & tools that help us move from understanding What is, to Applying & Analysing that which we have already observed.

We build on the Risk Pressure Maps produced by the previous domain-of Control process to this, where we begin to hack the opportunity for deeper risk & reward potential through processes like correlating, calculating, organizing, appraising, deducting, illustrating, determining, qualifying & quantifying ideas & opportunities of Value.

We are concerned here with Identify relationships & the interconnectedness of markets and asset classes regarding exploiting our observations. We begin to extract parallel opportunities & explore potential ways to mitigate risks that arise from the view we are taking, whilst establishing strong critique for the same.

A critical tool for co-examination of these methodologies of applying & analysing ideas & markets is also introduced in the form of Options Trading dynamics. At EQsIQ we believe strongly that every Trader must engage generally with the notion of Options because within understanding how they work, they lend us additional tools that uncover sentiment & additional methods to mitigate risk, even providing opening approaches & preferences through which we may execute our assumptions, regardless of the market, style or timeframe the learning Trader has chosen prior to entry into courses linked to Pressure Stack. Additionally, we engage with incredibly useful notions and tools like volatility & the Options Greeks which should be a part of your Trading regardless of the asset classes you execute primarily, including options On Forex (FX),

At EQsIQ, we provide you with the best-in-class trading education that goes beyond mere anecdotes. While we recognize the importance of technical analysis in informing market views, we passionately believe that new traders often rely too heavily on it to make value-based decisions.

At EQsIQ, we take a cautious approach & prioritize the process of determining value when identifying trade opportunities. This is because trades based on value have a higher likelihood of making longer, more determined moves compared to ideas derived solely from charts without a value-based proposition that shows itself in the news and fundamentals.

Our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive trading education means we will take you all the way to become a successfully organised trader with systems and procedures that breed high quality output. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your skills, we’ve got you covered. Trust EQsIQ to guide you towards your trading goals in value-based way.