Risk Pressure Maps belong to the group of domains classified as External. These domains are concerned with the markets, (Risk Pressures) which are external to the individual Trader, (as opposed to Risk Profiles relating to matters personal or internal to the Trader).

This Domain-of-Control in our trading programme is focused on observing, & understanding what is happening in the markets with reduced bias whilst extracting what is relevant from the noise the world makes.

To do this effectively, we need to consider various sources of information, including News & Reporting, Earnings, Global News, Filtering Noise, distinguishing what’s already “Baked in the Cake?”, & examining some Innovative Sources of News that will set you apart & enhance your competitive advantage.

We’ll focus on how to build out Risk Pressure Maps by considering the current state of the markets. This will involve analysing various sources of information, such as earnings reports, economic indicators, & global news. We’ll teach you how to use this information to identify areas of risk & opportunity in the markets, & how to establish the first parts of your risk management strategies by accounting for them.

A Risk Pressure Map is a beautiful way of picturing all that risk, in a systematised way, it tends to be global, & it has a rolling capacity as it moves through the time-zones & can be used to inspire good opportunity development grounded in fact and changing market perceptions of value.

By the end of this Domain in all our programmes, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to read the current state of the markets (“how you read the tape”), & build out effective Risk Pressure Maps®, (unique to EQsIQ).

You’ll be able to begin to identify areas of risk & opportunity & start the process creating effective risk management strategies based on VALUE, whilst on the way to establishing setups & tactics as you execute on your strongly defined trading hypothesis from these Maps.