In order to achieve success in Trading or Investing, it is crucial to approach the learning process with a critical eye towards one’s perceptions. Individuals who are new to the Trading & Investing world bring with them a set of pre-conceived notions that have been shaped by non-traditional sources such as forums or filmic media consumption. This is not the fault of any Trader, for unfortunately the industry comes with “no manual”.

Unfortunately, these perceptions are often deeply flawed, fuelled by half-truths & hearsay from the whispering narrative of those who misunderstand, & this can significantly impede progress & growth.

Left unchecked, these misconceptions can warp one’s learning pathway & result in faulty logic that discolours all learning going forward. However, EQsIQ has identified this issue & established it as a primary Domain-of-Control that must be griped, as one of the eight core Domains-of Control in the EQsIQ model, called The Refraction.

Begin your trading journey with Refraction, the foundational Domain-of-Control at EQsIQ, where the quest for market clarity takes precedence. In the world of trading, obscured by misconception and dominated by the self-serving rhetoric of public forums, EQsIQ stands as the beacon of truth and ethics. Refraction is the domain where ground-breaking insights, honed over two decades and forged with experience and knowledge, including literally Nobel Prize-winning methodologies, cut through the noise, offering revelations that not only astonish and in some instances thrill, but also empower through revealing reframes from start to finish rarely proffered in many of the ineffective offerings available to date.

Redefine Your Market Perspective

EQsIQ’s Refraction domain dismantles the distortions that too often lead traders astray. It’s an invitation to challenge and recalibrate your perceptions, laying the groundwork for a resilient trading strategy. By scrutinizing the common myths and recalibrating your trading lens, you’ll build a foundation of knowledge robust enough to withstand the tumult of the markets.

Embrace the EQsIQ Approach

Refraction is where speculation meets empirical strategy. With EQsIQ, you’ll dissect, analyse, and reconstruct the beliefs that shape your trading ethos. It’s about taking control of your educational journey, armed with insights that transform conventional trading into an art form of strategy and success.

Begin with Refraction. Begin with EQsIQ.

Embark on your transformation with the Refraction domain. Emerge as a trader who not only strategizes but revels in the mastery of market complexities. Imagine who you’d become doing that… Chart a course with EQsIQ that sets you apart, ensuring a career marked by competence, independence, and triumph that will shrink time without compromise on providing you a realistic pathway toward exceptional you-centric outcomes.