The Level I CFA® exam isn’t easy, & as such preparation is required to keep to a plan that yields you steady progress. At a deeper level, you need to retain what you’ve learned, but before that, it is critical to understand the material as you go in a timely manner rather than skip through your schedule and inefficiently plug gaps at a later stage.  Because people learn in different ways, a  range of approaches may be evaluated for assisting students during their own process for progressing through the Level I CFA® exam curriculum. EQsIQ has produced a range of supplementary materials that may add value to your objectives through the provision of our synoptic video blackboard summaries.


EQsIQ provides a unique range of materials that  connect at the visual level, focusing on concepts and utilising learning techniques that aid rapid assimilation of  concepts and topics more often represented on a visual  engaging  hand drawn canvas that feels as intimate as one-on-one tutoring. Accessible from the cloud, most device form factors are able to easily connect and deliver our materials at your pace and on your command.

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