If all paths lead outward from our core educational base, eventually, all learning & self-analysis dovetails inward  to populate the Trading Plan.

The Trading Plan is your Operating Document that marshals your workflow, rules & personalised checklists.

This Trading Plan is a confluence of summarised discoveries on your journey through our content, for breakthrough performance in the evaluation execution & measuring of your market objectives, strategies & set-ups going forward.

A critical component of the Trading Plan is a Library of your SetUps for easy reference & good practice almost exclusively missing in today’s platforms & solutions. Its presence alone will foster good practice quickly in the testing, monitoring & analysis of strategies. This helps limit stagnation & move you forward to better control your strategic & tactical evaluations.

The Trading Plan thus contains the  principles of  your short, mid & long term objectives, personal rules, checklists, personality flags, best matched Hacks, trade building blocks, chosen markets, time frames, risk rules, money management rules, Strategies, Tactics,  Trade Mechanics & a rolling database of your Set-ups Library.

Our goal is to help you construct the most comprehensive and succinct Plan that brings true value unseen to date on any platform. ew benchmark & it is being continually refined as you read.


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