Once the gaps in the education are filled, the issue of putting it to use is next.

Within TRADE HACKS (short for Trade Hacking),  relationships between the disparate sections of the curriculum become ever more apparent as we weave combinations together that form  pictures’ of interdependency, layers of relationships where strategies & approaches are born.

We dovetail seamlessly from Strategies to their Tactics, & then how we can use our Mechanics to implement or execute these principles correctly in markets. Trade Hacks provides working examples and primers of approaches that are delivered through engaged accounts via webinars, forums and specially restricted blog posts  available only to premium programme subscribers and provides cutting edge insights and ideas that be used to seed your own development.

There are almost as many strategies possible as there are pixels on this page, to get through them all is an iterative process. Also, market character evolves & new tools, instruments & preferences in Investing jostle and come to the fore and Trade Hacks provides a way to tap into this mindset and obtain ideas and angles that keep you fresh.

New entrants to Investing will begin to see how a failure to establish a solid Educational core, leaves the ability to conceive Trading Strategies severely hampered. It is for this reason, we place so much emphasis on the core education and risk profile stack because it gives you so much more room “to Dance”.

Trade Hacks also introduces planning steps for the establishment of Systems & Algorithms, & in time will grow to provide courses covering programming languages & scripting tools to provide a turnkey learning solution.

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