How do you know if something has improved? Logically, the answer to that question is to compare what was, with what is new.

Clearly, in order to improve something measurement is required and this is true not only of you and your educational development but also of your system and the components within that system.

The process of Trading includes creating  SET-UPs from your ideas, followed by what is often referred to as the Mechanics of your execution. Trade mechanics are important because if you implement any SET-UP inconsistently by not applying the correct money rules, adhering to the correct entry point and exits (both of which are examples of your Mechanics), the system you will work from will become difficult to measure or meaningless for comparative purposes. To this end, within SET-UPs we provide some courses as assistance to help you get your Mechanics drilled, so you can execute trades according to your set-ups in a professional manner.

The SET-UPs library is provided to traders as a mechanism to garner best practice, helping to ensure focus upon it and recording of your fruits of your best thinking. During development, we found it quite revealing that of all the platform on offer we were hard pressed to find any that offered a repository for the collection and reference of such critical data and so set about to create such a cloud tool for our committed students.

Keeping you, at the centre of all things, we provide a mix  of dynamic templates that are applicable to your trading style with redundancy built in, allowing you to record and retrieve for review SET-UPs that keep track of your thinking and provide a trace and history of your endeavour and a place to record notes and success or fail information that helps you keep on top of your progress.

By offering a mix of templates you can begin to catalogue your thinking  such that nothing is missed as you progress. This means that set-ups perhaps out of favour with certain market conditions, can be revisited and tweaked again and executed using sound Mechanics,  allowing you to build upon your prior work without trying to repeat the process from scratch, which can sap confidence and harm your Psychology. By maintaining a Library you  aid review and reference at a later date, even years thereafter building confidence and a sense of progress, when combined with a repository for also recording personal development breakthroughs challenges through a CLOUD DIARY you begin to form a powerful recording ecosystem for your thinking that marshals good practice and professional discipline so often missing in disorganised Traders.