Without hesitation, not having a control of, or understanding of risk components about the sectors, instruments or markets you trade is a recipe for flat-on-your-face disaster. So profound is this link between success and the use of risk parameters that it requires a separate and personalised attention beyond the core education as it is heavily impacted by intuitive perceptions and thus personal Psychology (EQ).

Most early stage traders acknowledge the importance of understanding  risk but unfortunately, observations of these Traders from their citations and methods posted in many places on-line paint a picture that reflects only cursory or anecdotal use of  the same. To combat this issue we bring a programme covering basic risk issues involving the mathematics of money management principles using simple straightforward easy calculations that should be not only understood but utilised by Traders.

Too often risk is believed to be confined to basic practices such as  stop losses, set about an exhaustive over-reliance on technical analysis that sees Traders loop endlessly around poor trade mechanics instead of taking a step back and applying  better use of risk analysis on the strategies they employ.

By having separate & many courses that tackle this area of  Risk comprehensively and in a personal context we can drill down to a more practical level to better understand & apply its components such as Probability, Volatility, Statistics, Stochastics, Time Series processes, Seasonals  & Money Management with its all-powerful Multiplier effects.

Through use of gentle mathematics, with a little effort students taking the course materials in this category will be surprised at the deep value every section brings them in understanding and applying professional techniques so often missing, that enhance risk competence in many areas such as:

  • Understanding Correlation
  • Setting exposure correctly
  • Value at risk  VAR calculations
  • Utilising better METRICS to properly measure, track feedback from your trades

What is most enlightening from these course categories is how adhering properly to risk metrics in a way others typically don’t, suddenly renders so many other parts of your trading make complete sense.

In short we bring you cutting edge intelligence  on ways to reduce risk, manage leverage & “stay-in-the-game” so you can keep batting for your wins as they come, this is how success is achieved.

We then focus on methods to re-invest that suit your personal profile in order to meet your unique objectives, all of which acts as a great prelude to formulating your Trading Plan & managing your Set-Ups library within it. (see also  RISK PROFILE STACK ®)

Give yourself this gift, do what others fail to do, invest a little time and realise massive steps forward that allow you think and plan trades properly for yourself, as opposed to endlessly seeking advantage from others that may in all likelihood not even have any type of identified or understood Risk Profile.

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