In the section ‘WHO ARE YOU’, (within programme ‘RISK PROFILE STACK’) we deal  with the evaluation of self, in this section PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT we provide a hub for the ongoing management of selfboth in and out of the Trading environment.

Behaviours that spoil Traders progress are often loosely identified, if at all, in many disparate,  supposedly leading, books, journals or on-line outlets  and in many circumstances the individual is left to decipher not only what is wrong, but also how to go about  correcting it with absolutely no effective plan of action. At EQsIQ, we recognise that this is a significant problem,  fatalistic behaviours change the future drastically and these include basics such as:

  • procrastination, that comes from not having any proper focus, or not enough knowledge, belief or drive in what activity should be undertaken.
  • Carrying on as if paper trading results are indicative of real-world results, i.e. you think slippage and cost of asset or position (spreads) aren’t significant costs that warrant upfront analysis in the same manner you’d scrutinise a bad mortgage or pension deal.
  • habitually sitting in front of an execution programme with no process objective, with finger on the execution button hoping to make money, AKA “Winging it”.
  • endlessly jumping from news article to review, trying to understand what to do next, during market open hours.
  • flitting from chart to chart looking for something vaguely interesting without knowing precisely what it is you’re looking for.
  • feeling exhausted mid-morning because you haven’t understood where to channel your mental focus, thus leaving your mental processes overrunning only to ‘burn out’ by mid afternoon exhausted.
  • failure to identify Options as a critical component of your ability to offset risk but also enhance speculation at low cost
  • failure to invest in an adequate training programme that lasts about the same time as 1 semester of an academic curriculum or more
  • making money in the morning only to give it all back by lunchtime because you haven’t t followed your rules despite having ideas of the same.
  • loosing focus by mid day because you haven’t anticipated likely  changes in your body biochemistry or worst still you haven’t kept to your nutritional regime, forgetting your mind performs vastly differently according to its nutrition, stimulant presence and hydration  levels.

Here you will find the results of your evaluations distilled into CHECK-LISTS  that Marshall behaviour. These check-lists are also the result of processed outputs of the  ‘WHO ARE YOU’ module (part of the  ‘RISK PROFILE STACK’ programme), and is therefore a working operational document that guides your day to day activity and forms part of your Life and Trading Plan, its unique… make sure you treasure it.

Critical to any self-management is the management of your time. Modules are provided that assist in managing your time to maximise efficiency. This is achieved by taking a top-down approach that organises information from your goals and values.  We can segment each of these areas further into Personal and Professional Categories, assigning empowering role names to encourage you and enthusiastically help you engage with your activities repeatedly and critically attach them to your objectives thus creating the necessary DRIVE that has you seeking to fulfil them.

The result of all these ground breaking courses within the ‘RISK PROFILE STACK’ Programme is to maximise your daily focus on the things that matter and Self -Manage behaviours and processes that generate  ideas, enact research and assist you find  patterns.

We’ve got you covered,  no need to waste any-more time.