In order to achieve success in Trading or Investing, it is crucial to approach the learning process with a critical eye towards one’s perceptions. Individuals who are new to the Trading & Investing world bring with them a set of pre-conceived notions that have been shaped by non-traditional sources such as forums or filmic media consumption. This is not the fault of any Trader, for unfortunately the industry comes with “no manual”.

Unfortunately, these perceptions are often deeply flawed, fuelled by half-truths & hearsay from the whispering narrative of those who misunderstand, & this can significantly impede progress & growth.

Left unchecked, these misconceptions can warp one’s learning pathway & result in faulty logic that discolours all learning going forward. However, EQsIQ has identified this issue & established it as a primary Domain-of-Control that must be griped, as one of the eight core Domains-of Control in the EQsIQ model, called The Refraction.

This approach allows traders to proactively reset manage their focus correctly, whilst striving for continual improvement, & minimizing risks associated with inaccurate perceptions from the outset.

By prioritizing the examination & correction of prospective traders’ perceptions, EQsIQ empowers individuals to build a solid foundation of knowledge & understanding in trading that is based on accurate & reliable information. This approach sets the stage for long-term success & helps traders to avoid the common pitfalls & errors that can destabilise meaningful progress.

Take control of your learning process by conditioning yourself to identify, deconstruct & rebuild old, meaningless but very harmful perceptions & beliefs about Trading the Markets that can, & do in vast number, rob the unsuspecting of an otherwise fulfilling & profitable livelihood, vocation, or career.