Risk Pressure stacking is a Domain-Of-Control for Traders that focuses on Tracking the actual and behaviour of markets about issues of changing Value for issues that take our interest.

By focusing primarily on these behaviours past & present, we can begin to anticipate the likelihood & power of those market reactions to changes in the perception of market or asset value through various circumstances. We are beginning to anticipate changes & use risk metrics to qualify & quantify these potential opportunities.

Risk-Pressure-Stacking therefore builds on previous domains in the Risk Pressure (external) categories of focus which were,

a. “What-is?”, (Risk-Pressure-Mapping)

b. What patterns & relationships can we deduce from “What is?”   (Risk-Pressure-Stacking)

At this third stage of Trading focus where we analyse market behaviour & responses to changes, we are in fact seeding the implementation of ideas we can Trade. We are therefore developing & EVALUATING what we have deduced, we are seeking to JUSTIFY a stand or decision about a trade with actions such as:

Hypothesising, Appraising, Arguing, Defending, Judging, Selecting Supporting, Valuing, Critiquing, Moderating & Measuring our view into A Packetized Payload, a possible set-up, that we may adapt or deploy during trade execution.