Breakthrough to Professional Trading competence whilst shrinking your Time-to-Profitability


Date & TIME:

Tuesday 21st March 

8.00 PM GMT


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What You’ll learn in this free webinar:

Despite advances in all areas of Trading the pathway towards discovery & enlightenment across all asset classes is noticeably fractious, confusing, unscripted & potentially perilous financially. You will learn how address this issue head-on. How? By combining over 20 years of EQsIQ Trading experience, plus innovative psychological tools combined with specially selected institutional education, we can transform everything! Using a highly tuned method of operation, we explore how this structured & effective Trading Plan continuously adapts to you, so you're optimised to produce an effective manual-of-operation that stacks your advantages daily, yielding strictly professional levels of competence, healthy confidence, a reduction in losing trades & thus enhanced profitability. 

Learn how & why you must set yourself apart from your peers with immediate effect if you truly seek to thrive as a Trader.

Learn about Mastering the EQsIQ Domains-of-Control that will Sky-Rocket your professional advancement & confidence, instantaneously.

Leapfrog your peers by comprehending how to centralise & apply a Risk-Hacking mindset as the fundamental basis for everything you do in your Trading.

Learn how to reset & energise your Trading growth by properly calibrating your perception of markets, trading & industry protagonists.

How to transform yourself & your revenues by understanding the right way to approach building your Trading Plan.

Understand how Trader personal advantages you aren't properly aligned & how can ensure they are for yourself.

Paul de Souza, with Sir Richard Branson

Your Webinar Host:

Paul de Souza. 

Paul de Souza has a wealth of experience, spanning over two decades, trading financial markets. As founder of EQsIQ, he offers education in trading& finance to both institutional & retail analysts & traders. EQsIQ was born from his personal learning journey and the overwhelming demand for private trading assistance via social media.

Paul holds two degrees, one in Biochemistry (BSc. Hons) from the University of London (RHBNC), & a master's degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Stirling University, where he opted for this program over an MBA.

In his trading, Paul focuses on Swing, Position & value Trading across asset classes, primarily utilizing Option Strategies & tactics. He has an impressive background, including being a Head-Boy & achieving rank quickly as an Air & Army cadet.

Amongst his varied interests Paul has gained experience in glider flying, & holds PADI licenses for diving, learned from speaker Tony Robbins at his resort in Fiji, has driven in the Gumball 3000, & has a fondness for Lotus Cars & Motorsport.

Beyond trading, Paul is an avid amateur summer triathlete and previously enjoyed riding his electric unicycle at high speed around central London until the recent government ban on electric vehicles. An interesting fact about Paul is that he has never been able to sit cross-legged.

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