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Paul de Souza
In-house Lecturer




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Introducing our starter Webinar Series with a focus on delivering measurable improvement in Trading performance through orientations that avoid hidden traps, & establish the basics in a way that is stunningly absent from the noise & scams littering the Net.

This series will help identify &  remove performance blocks that originate from a less than optimal method of Operation, Psychology or SetUP whether you’re Trading Futures, Options, Stocks Forex Crypto or Bonds. Get it Right! Don’t leave learning these truths last…this is about gifting you a water-tight methodology that stops the rot so many other programmes persistently (some wilfully) fail to address.


(Yes I really Trade, 17 years Experience)

YOUR FIRST 20K (Webinar Series)

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Stop wasting your time, dont get scammed with rubbish, but if you have been, come & get some relief, we offer Truth, Reality Measurement & Progress. We only proffer methodologies & approaches proven to advance you.. Theres only one issue however... you've got to put in the work. If you do that, this website & its offerings will overachieve for you. That's a promise. The real issue is, when confronted with the truth & the pathways.. will you take it? or are you still beguiled by flagrant displays of manufactured wealth to hook your Trading interest? If so we are not for you. We are about longevity... if thats you rejoice... you've found a friend... who really Trades.

NEw Rules Webinar

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