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Refraction: Bending of lighton transition through another medium

Refraction: The bending of light as it passes another transparent medium with a different Refractive Index

Your Must-Have Calibration For A Life Trading In The Markets.

Conditioning For Avoiding MAJOR Traps Before Trades.

Most New entrants to the Trading game, come unprepared & with misconceptions about what is involved & who is on their side. These misconceptions & imbalances must be" de-briefed" because typically, Traders come with truly little knowledge about its inner workings, that unless addressed upfront, damage profitability going forward substantially.

In this course, EQsIQ provides an essential Calibration for New & existing Traders that will re-calibrate them & open their eyes to the antagonists, & protagonists, & demonstrate how they are viewed outside, & also surprisingly within the markets, where they are exploited.

This course is a critical "telegram to self from the future" that will help Traders

  • save time, 
  • unlock true pathways to success, &
  • clear away many of the myths and untruths that flood the public trading forums, planted by voices that don't serve Traders at all.

Without exception, all Traders who engage any course with EQsIQ will find relief, & tremendous value in these hard-hitting insights that are NOT found online but are the hard learned experiences from over 20 years of Trading markets & engaging with support organisations.

Paul de Souza